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  1. Gordon Ramsay : Greek Food Is Better Than Italian Food

      Call us biased but we agree with Chef Ramsay.

  2. Join the Club – The Moussaka Club

      Hydra’s favourite moussaka as a feast thoughtfully packaged, paired with new wines each month and ready for pickup or delivered safely to your home…

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  3. Hydra Restaurant: WHAT WE ARE

      Named after the beautiful culinary Greek island in the Aegean Sea, World-Class culinary-driven Hydra Estiatorio Mediterranean & Bar is a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant with an…

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    MEET OUR TEAM MARK GREENFIELD | Culinary Director Mark Greenfield is the Director of Culinary Operations with Executive Hotels. In his role, Chef Mark coordinates…

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  5. Who we are and why we are called Hydra (hee-drah):

    A note from the owner- 3 years ago, I spent the month of July sailing amongst the Cyclades Islands in Greece with my family. We…

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  6. Hydra Vancouver: It’s all in the details

      Have you visited our washrooms, want to hear that story again?  We have strived to attend to each and every detail to ensure you…

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  7. A look inside Vancouver’s own Hydra Restaurant

    Take a look inside Vancouver’s own Hydra Restaurant, from it’s intimate and inviting downstairs to the grand eloquence of the main dining room and through…

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  8. Cook Like a Chef: The Essentials

      Everyone has seen the late-night infomercials hawking must-have kitchen gadgets that will slap-chop, air-fry, and squeeze-dry your food in ways you never imagined.  Before…

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  9. Hydra implements health and safety measures

    The health and safety of our guests and staff is our utmost priority. As we welcome you back for Dine-in Service we want you to…

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    From 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM, receive a 15% discount on family platters when ordering two or more.