The newest addition to bar team, Nyck, is fuelled by the sheer prospect of innovation,
creativity, and guest satisfaction when it comes to libations. He cultivates an academic curiosity towards the classics in his pursuit to understand what makes them work and utilizes the fundamental, mixing principles to create avant-garde concoctions that are nothing short of

Here it is, in his own words:

“From vodka to scotch, liqueurs to bitters, & botanicals to tinctures, I appreciate all the elixirs of the earth. So, I indulge in amalgamating them with hand-crafted mixes to bring their aesthetics, bouquet, & palate to fruition, to yield a sublime cocktail experience because–for the mixologist in me–it’s a pleasure second to none”.

Nyck already has some new feature cocktails on our menus for you to try on your next visit soon.