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Hydra Restaurant: WHAT WE ARE


Named after the beautiful culinary Greek island in the Aegean Sea, World-Class culinary-driven Hydra Estiatorio Mediterranean & Bar is a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant with an engaging lively 40-foot cocktail bar. 

Hydra applies Greece’s time-honored ingredients and traditional cooking styles, focusing on quality Mediterranean dishes prepared in the original fresh and simple way with great enthusiasm and passion.

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MARK GREENFIELD | Culinary Director

Mark Greenfield is the Director of Culinary Operations with Executive Hotels. In his role, Chef Mark coordinates teams across multiple restaurants, providing all aspects of back of house operations, including concept design, culinary training, and menu development. A big believer in sustainability, Chef Mark supports farms and fisheries that “do it the right way” by raising and harvesting locally-sourced, conscientiously grown and wild foraged foods.
Before joining Executive Hotels, Mark worked for 14 years for a diverse range of international restaurants and hotels, including the Fairmont Pacific Rim, and Glowbal Restaurant Group in Vancouver. Drawing on years of experience as an Executive Chef and leader, Mark now focuses mainly on team building and cultivating the next generation of passionate chefs to be more knowledgeable, engaged, and effective than ever before.
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Who we are and why we are called Hydra (hee-drah):

A note from the owner-

3 years ago, I spent the month of July sailing amongst the Cyclades Islands in Greece with my family. We anchored in the main port of Hydra one afternoon, a beautiful relatively small island and I was struck by its gorgeous scenery and simplicity. There were no cars, transport is by horse or donkey, there was a vibrant fish and vegetable market and the rocky outcrop of small rustic houses and shops was like being transported back in time. The culinary scene on Hydra is as well, simple, rustic, authentic and excellent. The star is the simple fresh ingredients and authentic time-honored cooking techniques to bring out the best of the island’s flavours.

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Hydra Vancouver: It’s all in the details


Have you visited our washrooms, want to hear that story again? 

We have strived to attend to each and every detail to ensure you receive the ultimate HYDRA experience. Have you ever been regaled by the ancient Greek legends and myths in our beautiful washrooms? We have been asked time and time again to make the curated Greek myth Spotify playlist public… FYI, most of these timeless stories are from 1957

So here it is, especially for you!

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A look inside Vancouver’s own Hydra Restaurant

Take a look inside Vancouver’s own Hydra Restaurant, from it’s intimate and inviting downstairs to the grand eloquence of the main dining room and through the bright and airy Cabana. The unique spiral staircase with custom leather-wrapped bannister brings you into the space with flair and style, making every entrance an event to remember. You’ll be struck by our bespoke, one-of-a-kind fish chandeliers made from delicate, handmade bone china porcelain; Scabetti works of art imported from London to match our fish scale tiling behind the bar. For an exceptional and private experience, reserve a table in the Cabana, suspended high above the atrium and dressed in bright linens and washed in light.

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