Take a look inside Vancouver’s own Hydra Restaurant, from it’s intimate and inviting downstairs to the grand eloquence of the main dining room and through the bright and airy Cabana. The unique spiral staircase with custom leather-wrapped bannister brings you into the space with flair and style, making every entrance an event to remember. You’ll be struck by our bespoke, one-of-a-kind fish chandeliers made from delicate, handmade bone china porcelain; Scabetti works of art imported from London to match our fish scale tiling behind the bar. For an exceptional and private experience, reserve a table in the Cabana, suspended high above the atrium and dressed in bright linens and washed in light.

What sets Hydra apart though is our love of time-honored ingredients and focused perfection of traditional cooking techniques to bring quality Mediterranean dishes to life at your table. Choose the fish you want to eat personally at our Raw Bar, stocked with the freshest fish imported daily: Greek Seabass and Sea bream, Fagri from New Zealand, and Hawaiian Kampachi alongside locally-sourced salmon, oysters, and shrimp.

And what can you expect? Our famous platter dishes will satisfy you! Whole fish (of your choosing) grilled to perfection with olive oil and lemon sauce, or a truly theatrical whole fish oven-cooked with herbs, encased entirely in sea salt. Both deboned professionally at your table. Favorite dishes like our succulent grilled octopus or saganaki will take you to the shores of Greece, while world-class ahi tuna sashimi or fresh, perfected ceviche will make your evening complete.

Explore the finest Mediterranean cuisine today at Hydra Vancouver Restaurant.